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In a selfish outburst, Sarah wishes that goblins would take away her baby brother, only to be horrified a few moments later when Jareth appears to grant her wish. Though she immediately regrets her request, the goblin king refuses to return the baby because 'what's said is said.' Sadly, we cannot instantly recall our words when we do something hurtful or otherwise regrettable. To restore relationships and improve ourselves, a difficult journey into the Labyrinth becomes necessary.

Jareth offers a tempting reprieve from the mundane, but his promises are illusions. Jareth gaslight Sarah by claiming everything he does is for her and complaining that he is exhausted from keeping up with all her expectations. Whether or not he truly motivated by "love," Jareth's extreme and manipulative behavior are not acceptable or healthy. His pleas are a textbook example of emotional abuse: "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I'll be your slave"

Sarah escapes from the abuse when she refuses to play Jareth's games any longer. Like her, we should not allow ourselves to accept the status quo of emotionally abusive relationships in familial, romantic, or professional settings. Even if your voice quivers, within you is the power to walk away and declare, "You have no power here."
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Better late than never! Elliott is a lonely tween struggling to cope with abandonment after his parent's painful divorce. E.T. is a homesick extra-terrestrial who was accidentally left behind by the other members of his botany research expediditon, leaving him scared and alone on an alien planet. Overcoming their initial fears of each others, Elliott and E.T. form a special connection which develops both psychic and physical repercussions.

Though he does eventually confide in his siblings, Elliott fears what the government will do to E.T. if discovered and tries to keep him a secret from all the grown ups. Often, youth struggling with mental disorders can act in a similar way, relying only on themselves or peers for support. While this can work for a time (E.T. is taught English and avoids capture; Elliott helps him gather supplies to phone home) ultimately this secrecy results in a dangerous physical and mental decline that requires stronger intervention in order to achieve recovery.

Even though the particular adults in the movie aren't the most trustworthy, Elliott's choice to involve his siblings allows him to recieve much needed backup as well as provide better opportunities for E.T. to develop his communication skills. Activating your familial support network is always an important first step in mental health care. When's the last time you Phone(d) Home and talked to your parents or siblings? Call them up this week and remind them to Be Good!

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